March 2018's TNT will be temporarily transformed into what we're calling Thursday Nite MELTDOWN. This will be a similar but slightly different competition format called Top Of The Mountain which pits not random competitors against each other in a head to head bracket, but rather scores every competitor's pour and gives everyone the chance to dethrone the competitor with the highest score. Scoring will revolve around the exact same protocols as any other throwdown: symmetry; contrast; size; level of difficultly successfully demonstrated, etc.. It's just that your pour will be ranked against everyone else's, with the best pour of the night taking home the grand prize. 

Let's talk about that grand prize. The rumors are true. This month we're playing for keeps with a grand prize of ONE THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS, so we hope you'll bring your A game that night and we expect to see some sweet pours.

To level the playing field as much as possible, this month everyone will be using identical competition pouring pitchers from Decent Espresso. These are the amazing pitchers you probably already love to pour great art with. Next month if you want to bring your own pitcher you can. But this month everyone will use the same exact equipment to help ensure fairness and that that best barista won on his/her SKILLZ, not from using his/her own gear. 

On the espresso machine side, we'll also be bringing in another killer (or should we say, Slayer) surprise. Brown was San Antonio's very first Slayer shop way back in 2013 and with March's TNT/TNM we'll raise the bar one small notch yet again with the city's very first Slayer Steam X for you to see, touch, play on and pour great art off of. Thanks to Slayer for sending down the machine!

Signups will begin here (below) Monday, 5 March at 12:01am and will be limited to the first forty (40) baristas to sign up and pay online. Online signups will remain open until Thursday, 8 March (the day of the event) at 3:00pm or until 40 competitors have signed up online. After that, any remaining open slots will be sold on a first come, first served basis at the competition site beginning at 5pm sharp until the 40 slots have been filled.  Please Note:  Orders placed before 12:01am Monday, 5 March or after 3:00pm Thursday, 8 March will be canceled without refund.

There is a $10 signup fee this month (double the usual price). 100% of the signup monies will be donated to World Coffee Research, based at Texas A&M, whose amazing coffee seed, soil, pest and disease research directly benefits the people in the coffee chain who need it the most--the farmers. To repeat: This month, your grand prize winnings will not come from your signup money. That sum has been generously donated from somewhere else. Your signup money will go to an organization committed to sustainable and diverse growth at a critical link in the seed to cup supply chain. 

On the night of the event we'll begin at 6pm sharp (really) with a quick overview of the competition rules and then shortly thereafter the first competitor will pour his/her best and hope their pour keeps them at the Top Of The Mountain as long as possible.

We think the unique format, complete with live scores and a leaderboard, will be engaging to both competitors and spectators alike. But when you get a little hungry or thirsty you can step away from the competition for a bit and enjoy free bites and drinks, generously donated from some of the city's hottest culinary spots. 

Finally, the location. Just like the rest of the event, this month's location is a bit unorthodox. It'll be held in the construction zone of Brown's soon-to-be-open new Southtown location. There will be plenty of lighting and sound (including a live DJ) and seating and all the rest you might expect at any TNT. Just, you know, slightly under construction. 

That's it for now. We hope to see you pouring your heart (and tulips and rosettas and double black swans) out at the Meltdown!



Brown coffee co - southtown

812 S Alamo St

San Antonio, TX 78205