pourlab coffee workshops

PourLab is a series of coffee knowledge workshops from the team at Brown Coffee Company for every level of coffee interest, from novice home brewing enthusiast to advanced coffee professional. Three workshop levels progress toward more in-depth subjects covering the entire world of coffee knowledge and experience.  PourLab is unmatched in the nation in its scope and depth.

All workshops start at 7pm at our cafe at 1800 Broadway (at Grayson).

we recommend you Bring pen, paper and a thirst for learning.


Level One: novice

For home coffee enthusiasts and beginning baristas

How do I find a favorite coffee? How can I make my coffee taste as good at home as it does in the coffee shop? How do I know which is the best equipment for me? What are the tips and secrets coffee professionals use when tasting and evaluating good coffees from bad coffees?


PL101: History of Coffee and Worldwide Coffee Culture: Origins of the world's most famous drink and a peek into the world's hottest coffee spots today and how they got that way. How coffee gets from tree to cup in one convoluted diagram. Monday 29 August, 7pm, 1800 Broadway. Class Limit: 12 persons

PL102: Home and Professional Coffee Equipment: A how-to, hands-on primer with the world's best coffee gear. Here's your chance to test drive all the coolest stuff, with a sneak peek of one of the world's newest "prosumer" espresso grinders. Tuesday 6 September, 7pm, 1800 Broadway. Class Limit: 12 persons

PL103: Introduction to Qualitative Coffee Analysis: Using geography as a flavor distinguishing taste characteristic in evaluating coffee qualities. Can you tell what soil tastes like? Monday 12 September, 7pm, 1800 Broadway. Class Limit: 12 persons

PL104: Home Coffee Awesomeness: How to keep your coffee gear optimized for maximum flavor performance at home. Monday 19 September, 7pm, 1800 Broadway. Class Limit 10 persons

PL105: Coffee Cupping - Roast and Taste: Exploring varying roast coloration's effects on flavor perception. Same coffee; different roast levels; massive enlightenment.  Monday 26 September, 7pm, 1702 W Kings Hwy. Class Limit: 8 persons

Level One Learning matrix

This level places an early emphasis on classroom instruction to ensure participants are level set, and includes an even mix of play time with a range of professional and home equipment, as well as a solid introduction to the How-To's of tasting and evaluating coffee like the pros.


level two: intermediate

For  baristas and "prosumer" coffee enthusiasts who want to deepen their coffee skillsets.

How can we sharpen the tools that help us differentiate quality coffee from mediocre? What difference do things like coffee varieties, processing and defects have on the final cup? How can we tie what happens in the roaster to what happens in the cup, especially as it pertains to espresso--the magnifying glass of coffee preparation methods?


PL201: Coffee Chemistry: Chemistry. It's what makes your coffee delicious every time. What is caffeine and how does it really affect the brain?  How do we co-calibrate water and coffee to maximize extraction (flavor)? Monday 3 October, 7pm, 1800 Broadway. Class Limit: 12 persons

PL202: Coffee Cupping - How Varieties and Processing Affect Flavor:  Can you tell the taste difference between white, yellow, red and black honey processing? How about the differences between a washed Pacamara and a washed Bourbon?  Monday, 14 November, 7pm, 1702 W Kings Hwy. Class Limit: 12 persons

PL203: Slips, Spills and Crashes: Translating and identifying defects, taints and faults from farmer-controlled solid to consumer-controlled liquid. Which is which? A who's who of murderer's row of coffee's biggest flavor enemies. Monday 17 October, 7pm, 1800 Broadway. Class Limit: 12 persons

PL204: Introduction to Roasting: A survey of the theory, mechanics and metrics of commercial coffee roasting and how roaster's consistatize the process for high-level repeatability. Monday 7 November, 7pm, 1702 W Kings Hwy. Class Limit: 4 persons

PL205: Introduction to Espresso: Understanding how mechanical transfers of energy directly affect consistency and flavor. Quick tips for identifying under/over extraction and how to make adjustments to boost sweetness in the cup. Sunday, 20 November, 7pm, 1702 W Kings Hwy. Class Limit: 4 persons

PL206E: "Coffee Hunting: Kenya"  Free screening of Brown Coffee Company's feature length coffee sourcing documentary film. Location/Time TBD. Class Limit: 25 persons

Level two learning matrix

With a baseline set among participants from the previous level, more emphasis can be placed on skill development around flavor perception during qualitative analysis and how it is linked directly to what happens at origin.

level three: advanced

For seasoned coffee professionals and those interested in learning about forward theories and practices influencing the industry today. 

How can we drill down into very sophisticated theories on brewing practice and analysis; leading coffee genetics research and soil management practice? What thinking is currently leading the industry in the fields of syncing solubility extraction across menus? How do leading cafes "dial-in" coffee to achieve high levels of consistent execution?


PL301: Espresso 2: Isolating and manipulating brew variables of espresso to boost clarity, and maximize sweetness, clarity and definition. Linking what happens from the farm and through the roaster into the cup.  Monday, 21 November, 7pm, 1702 W Kings Hwy. Class Limit: 4 persons

PL302: Coffee Cupping - Triangulation: A small but fun competition to determine the most unmatched coffees in each flight the quickest. A massively effective exercise in mouth to mind coordination. Who is the city's best super taster? Monday 28 November, 7pm, 1702 W Kings Hwy Class Limit: 6 persons

PL303: Water: How hydrogen, oxygen, magnesium, calcium and bicarbonate boost, obscure, flatten, make or break a cup of coffee.  Composition strategies for maximizing water solutions. Monday, 5 December, 7p, 1702 W Kings Hwy Class Limit: 12 persons

PL304: Milk: How dairy fat, long chain and short chain sugars affect and interact with coffee. Introduction to theories of steaming and texturing milk for espresso. Monday 12 December, 7pm, 1702 W Kings Hwy. Class Limit: 12 persons

PL305E: Meet The Producers: A visit and lecture from real live coffee farmers from Latin America. Discussion of latest strategies of natural soil enhancement; canopy management; plant care; etc.. Open conversation with plenty of Q&A. Date TBD, 7pm, Location TBD. Class Limit: 25 persons

PL306F: Field Trip - World Coffee Research, Texas A&M University: A day trip visit to what is arguably the world's most advanced coffee research initiatives. All proceeds will go to WCR. Date/Time TBD, Borlaug Institute -Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. Class Limit: 12 persons

level three learning matrix

This level brings a global scope to PourLab with the two extra learning opportunities of farmer visit and laboratory tour. This level affords the opportunity to go deep into the complex world of coffee production and markets.