finca el dragon process series

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"Coffee is a fruit..."

What we know as "coffee" is actually the seeds of the fruit of a tree that grows in the Tropics. Remove a coffee cherry from its tree and give it a little squeeze into your hand and a couple small seeds are revealed, surrounded by a thin, sweet layer of fruit mucilage. In many parts of the world this mucilage layer is fermented and/or washed off before the beans are dried and exported as green (unroasted) coffee. But as the quality and consistency of specialty-grade coffee improves, more and more coffee producers are experimenting with ever more sophisticated methods of musilage retention on the bean.  

Leaving that mucilage layer gives the green coffee beans a look of being dried in honey. Hence, the term "honey processed" being increasingly used around quality cafes in reference to the mucilage being dried on the bean. How a coffee is processed (i.e., how much of that fruit mucilage layer is left on the final green bean before export) can greatly affect its flavor in the cup. 

The Process Series is an exploration of the precise manipulation of honey processing. Our dear friends Luis Monge and his younger brother Oscar own the beautiful Finca El Dragon in beautiful Tarrazu, Costa Rica. This year they have graciously agreed to experiment with coffee from this one farm for us, by processing it five distinct ways: White Honey; Yellow Honey; Red Honey; Black Honey and Full Natural processed. Each level of honey processing brings unique delights in the cup. The Process Series offers a small look at all five levels of processing in one beautiful package.

The Process Series launches soon. Pre-order your series here.