Finca El Dragon (Yellow Honey), Tarrazu, Costa Rica.


Finca El Dragon, Tarrazu, Costa Rica. Classic Costa Rica...with a plus. Luis Alberto Monge Urena owns Finca El Dragon, a farm that rests near the top of a mountain whose long crest resembles the back of a dragon. Trekking through the dense triple canopy of coffee, banana and tall shade trees leaves even the fittest clutching their knees for a breather after steep climbs and narrow switchbacks up near 1900 meters.  But the coffee...oh is the coffee ever worth it. It is clean and sparkling and carries a buttery nougat undertone beneath the otherwise crisp, honeydew notes. Costa Rica has been a leader in the "honey revolution" with mills becoming quite precise in their processing of the mucilage layer surrounding the beans themselves. White Honey; Yellow Honey; Red Honey; Black Honey. Each of these approximates how much of the fruit mucilage layer was left to dry and leave its sweet attributes on the bean during processing. Yellow Honey processing means about 25% of the mucilage/fruit layer has been left on the bean to dry after hulling.  (10 oz / 282g bag)

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Variety: Caturra

Elevation: 1700-1900 masl

Process: Yellow Honey. Patio Dried.

Brown Availability: October - June

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