Baratza Vario-W Coffee Grinder

  • The Vario-Series 54mm professional ceramic flat burrs produce accurate grinding, high throughput and remain sharp twice as long as the highest quality steel burrs
  • The broad range of grind (230 microns to 1150 microns) and the bi-modul particle distribution (presence of calculated fines) are the hallmarks of the superiority of the Series burrs.

  • Front-mounted control panel with LED display
  • Three programmable buttons allow the user to program in the desired weight (+/- 0.1)
  • The Vario Series grinds 1.6 grams/second for espresso and 2.2 grams/second for Press
  • The macro adjust moves from fine to coarse grinding in 10 distinct and repeatable settings. A secondary micro adjust arm further divides each of the 10 macro steps into 20 distinct settings
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