Tonio Barrantes.JPG

Señor Tonio Barrantes. A giant among men with absolutely huge coffees. His coffees have been on my radar ever since my first visit to Costa Rica back in 2014. It's not exactly like I was finding some hidden gem no one else had ever discovered, though. No discussion of the luminaries of the Costa Rica coffee scene would be complete without him in it. His mill, Herbazu, is the very picture of coffee super-ness: it's super organized, super clean, super inspiring. So when our head roaster Mike and I swung through West Valley this past February and paid him another visit I knew the time was right to finally pull the trigger on one of his coffees. My notion was confirmed a couple days later back in San José when his coffees were consistently scoring toward the top of each cupping table they were on. And so I did it--I pulled the trigger on what is sure to become a favorite among the elite coffee drinkers who choose Brown as the gatekeeper of San Antonio's elite coffees: Finca Lorena. Remember that name because you'll soon be able to say you remember when you first heard it. And before you know it you'll remember the first moment you tasted it. I can promise you that. Landing soon at a Brown near you.  

P.S. Herbazu is an acronym for HER-rmanos BA-rrantes y ZU-niga