One of the areas that has been a core of what we do at Brown is partnering with likeminded establishments and people who care as much as we do about quality coffee. Even still, it can at times be overwhelming trying to keep up with the volume of inquiries we receive in any given week. As a result, it's fair to say that many potentially great coffee partnerships have gone wanting for lack of manpower to accommodate all the requests. Great coffees. Tough to get their stories told to the world.

No more. We are pleased to announce that as of this week Brown has hired a Wholesale Manager, Liz James, *and* hired our its first Wholesale Account Representative, Domonic Miramontes. These two fine human beings will be the first point of contact for all wholesale inquiries, as well as the folks who partner with clients along the way to help accelerate our clients' coffee success as they serve delicious Brown coffee to their respective guests. Both Liz and Dom are Brownies--we really love promoting internally--so both have Brown DNA imprinted on every coffee thing they do. Both of them are whip smart, extremely personable and honestly, they're wearing me out with their enthusiasm, eagerness to start and all the fantastic questions they've been piling on me as we launch this portion of the business away from my hands and into theirs.  

But that's just the start. Expect many more exciting changes in the weeks and months to come...some that may really surprise and delight our wholesale clients and potential wholesale clients. All in keeping with our company motto: To Elevate The Coffee Experience At Every Turn.

If you've been wanting to explore better coffee for your coffee shop, hotel, restaurant, Airbnb investments, office, church or any other group, give Liz a shout at liz@browncoffeeco.com and let's talk. We can take your coffee from zero to hero status in no time flat.