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Baratza Forté- BG Flat Burr Coffee and Espresso Grinder


Baratza Forté- BG Flat Burr Coffee and Espresso Grinder


Baratza's Forte comes as a welcome addition to their family of small but powerful grinders. Multitudes of coffee professionals use the Baratza Vario in mobile setups as well as on pourover bars. The Forte is designed for these commercial applications, and built to handle the demands of busy brewing stations and compact espresso setups. The Forte also adds some user-friendly new technological features, such as the touchscreen controls, weight-to-time conversions, and easier precision adjustments.

Baratza has taken great care to ensure that the Forte is durable, easy to use, simple to clean, and even includes a new, straightforward precision calibration tool. The all-metal body and adjustment controls provide a polished look, while allowing the grinder to easily be wiped clean of stray grounds, liquids and other common hazards. The touchscreen stands up nicely to the constant poking and prodding, while saving a barista from meticulously detailing the crevices of plastic buttons.

If you enjoyed the precision of the Vario, you will be thoroughly impressed by the Forte's improvements in both consistency and precision. Not only are quick changes easier to make with the Forte, the 260 stepped adjustments are even more consistent with either the ceramic (AP) or metal (BG) burrs. With the time or weight controlled dosing, you will be able to ensure consistency while choosing among three different memorized settings. The Forte can even convert a dose from weight to time instantly. This allows you to dial your espresso with the bin, save the resulting weight as a timed measurement, and then grind directly into the portafilter. You'll be confident that your dosing is consistent without using an external scale, which could free up some space on your bar.

The removable hopper can be fully closed off before lifting it off the machine, saving up to a full 12oz of beans from being spilled, dumped, or ground through simply to remove the hopper. Extended hoppers can be purchased as well, for high-volume grinding without the hassle of refilling throughout the day.

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