Timana, Huila, Colombia

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Timana, Huila, Colombia

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Timana Super Lot, Huila, Colombia. This is a super lot of some of the best coffees from around Huila, one of our favorite coffee districts in Colombia. The cup is super sweet with sugar cane and red fruits and a very clean acidity that compliments the pectin-like sweetness. This coffee is the quintessential all-day sipping coffee. It doesn’t make undue demands on your time and attention—it just quietly goes about its business of being delicious; and before you know it you’re at the bottom of the mug realizing you really, really want another cup. Also makes an excellent espresso. (10oz/282gr bag)


Elevation:  1600-1950 masl

Variety: Caturra; Colombia

Processing:  Washed. patio and/or guardiola dried

Harvest Season: September - January (main); March - June (fly)

Brown Availability:  August - March

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