These are some of the people who create the city’s most memorable coffee experiences



Dom brings a love of theater and the arts to his five years of professional coffee service experience. He is the quintessential people person, always striving to perfect whatever he puts his hand to. He understands TDS, Extraction Yield Percentages and flavor perception in coffee like none other. 

Favorite Drink: Cortave

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Aaron started Brown in 2005, way back when San Antonio could rightly be called a coffee desert. Foolish business dreamer? Coffee visionary? He would probably say there’s a fine, blurred line between the two. Today he mostly casts vision for the company and travels the world sourcing coffees and consulting for coffee startups.

Favorite Drink: Yes



Jenee has worn just about every hat there is to wear at Brown. Currently she is the head of HR and Payroll, though she has never quite gotten over her love of working the espresso bar. She has forgotten more about serious coffee than most people will ever know.

Favorite Drink: Mini Americano

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Tre is the newest member of Team Brown but he's quickly made himself a customer favorite with his ever-present smile, attention to detail and flat out charm. Perhaps the only thing he loves more than coffee is climbing giant rocks in the great outdoors. 

Favorite Drink: Filter Coffee





Rafael has seen it all in his 12+ years serving coffee. A former Army Sergeant and Navy Chief Petty Officer, he runs a tight ship as manager of our Broadway store. This is his happy face. It's also his upset face; his sad face and his pretty much everything else face.

Favorite Drink: Espresso