We are thrilled and honored to be named San Antonio's BEST COFFEE! This week we're sharing the love with our #1 = $1 promo. Details in the poster above. So bring a buck--and hopefully at least one more buck to tip the city's best baristas--and we'll see you in the cafes!

If this is your first visit to Brown, we really, truly, totally and completely want you to get the most enjoyment from your visit. Please follow me... for a primer on who we are and what we do.

We Are Brown Coffee Company

Recently we had the honor of working with our good friends Lee and Liz from 8586 Video Productions to produce a brief introduction of Brown Coffee Company to the world. Even though we're now in our tenth (!) year of operations, sometimes it's good to re-tell your own story. 

The Brown Coffee Company is San Antonio's first and favorite craft coffee company directly sourcing, roasting and purveying coffees it purchases straight from coffee producers around the world.  We value the direct-to-the-source relationships we've built over the years as we travel the world in search of stunningly delicious coffees, and we do our best to stay true to the farmer's intent by roasting everything in-house to sweet, clean perfection.  We invite you to experience next-level, world-class coffee + espresso beverages, built by hospitable, knowledgeable baristas who take their craft and your coffee experience seriously.  We love doing what we do, and we warmly invite you in to experience it.  

But don't just take our word for it...  

Buzz About Brown

"When it comes to coffee in San Antonio, The Brown Coffee Co sets the bar."
     "When you're serious about coffee, you go to Brown."     

          "This is by far the best coffee in San Antonio." 

               "This place makes me look forward to my weekend coffee." 

                    "Absolutely the best."                                                 

                         "Best roasters in Central Texas."


Choose Your Brown Location

Brown HQ -- A San Antonio original, tucked away in the up-and-coming Deco District

Brown 1800 -- A sleek, modern cafe in the heart of a revitalized South Broadway Corridor

You've asked for them.  Now they're here.  Brown Coffee Co $25 Gift Cards are stocked and ready to use by anyone you know who wants San Antonio's best coffee from the city's only specialty coffee buyers, roasters and purveyors.  And they're good toward anything in the cafe.

Our gift cards are about the size of a credit card and conveniently fit into a wallet or purse.  To pay with one, simply stop in one of our two locations, order away, and hand us your card for payment.  We'll take care of the rest.  

Yes! We can ship or hold cards for that special someone to pick up.  So order a handful today by clicking here.  Bulk discounts purchases welcome.  Inquire at info@browncoffeeco.com

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