PROGRAMMING NOTE:  On Saturday, 26 April, we will be CLOSED all day at our HQ location and closing at 5p at our 1800 Broadway location.   

The Brown Coffee Company is San Antonio's only craft coffee company directly sourcing, roasting and purveying coffees it purchases straight from coffee producers around the world.  Our direct purchasing relationships with world-class coffee farmers literally bring the world into your hands, with no middle men or wholesalers between us and the coffee itself.  No one else in San Antonio can match what we do--because no one else in town has the years of experience and rich, direct relationships Brown does, built by traveling the coffee world in search of amazing coffees, and roasting them in-house to sweet, clean perfection.  We invite you to experience next-level, world-class coffee + espresso beverages, built by hospitable, knowledgeable baristas who take their craft and your coffee experience seriously.  We think we've created something special in San Antonio, and we warmly invite you in to experience it.  

But don't just take our word for it...  

Buzz About Brown

"When you're serious about coffee, you go to Brown."     

     "This is by far the best coffee in San Antonio." 

          "This place makes me look forward to my weekend coffee." 

               "Absolutely the best."                                                 

                    "Best roasters in Central Texas."

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Aaron recently returned from El Salvador and Costa Rica on a coffee hunting expedition.  Great new coffees are on the very near horizon!  


January is a time lots of retail businesses take advantage of slightly slower retail sales to do maintenance and take a little time off after a hectic Christmas season.  This January we will be closed some days at both locations to do just that.  


Closed Saturday 4 January -- Sunday 12 January.  Reopens Monday 13 January, 8a.

BROWN 1800

Closed Sunday 5 January -- Monday 6 January.  Reopens Tuesday 7 January, 7a.

Thank you very, very much for your amazing support in 2013.  We promise to do everything we can to make 2014 the best coffee year San Antonio has seen yet.  


You've asked for them.  Now they're here.  Brown Coffee Co $25 Gift Cards are stocked and ready to become great stocking stuffers, or the main event for your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone you know who wants San Antonio's best coffee from the city's only specialty coffee buyers, roasters and purveyors.  And they're good toward anything in the cafe.

These $25 Gift Card is sturdy but compact--about the size of a credit card to conveniently fit into a wallet or purse.  Old school technology means stop in, order away, hand your card to your barista and we'll take care of the rest.  

Yes! We can ship or hold cards for that special someone to pick up.  So order a handful today by clicking here.  


You know we at Brown Coffee Co love coffee in all its forms.  But we have a special place in our hearts for espresso.  And it shows.  We may shell out more espresso demitasses than anyone in the state.   

When espresso is done right it's not bitter, sour or bitey.  Great espresso is sweet and intense, and made even more so if you give it a little stir before enjoying, to consistitize the sugars and lipids (read as: deliciousness) from top to bottom.  

Espresso is meant to be taken in the moment.  Three to four sips taken in rapid succession, perhaps with a bit of a "chew" of each sip.  And then you're off.  But it's what happens later that is so often surprising with great espresso.  Walk back to your vehicle and smack your lips a little bit.  It's still there, lingering on the palate like a sugar-coated reminder of a fleeting moment you hope lives just a little bit longer in the pleasure centers of your mind. 

We keep our espresso on a rotating schedule.  At Brown HQ that means something fresh in the hopper each week.  At our 1800 Broadway store there are two espresso choices:  Usually at least one single-origin espresso we think is interesting and fun; and more often than not we run Cottonwood Espresso (a perennial favorite of customers across the country) as our second offering.  If you're feeling adventurous, why not try a shot of each?  Or, just play it safe and ask your barista for a recommendation.  Either way, we know you'll have an experience you can't get locally anywhere else--an experience curated and crafted by expert baristas with the resources of a dozen years of sourcing and roasting amazing coffees to perfection.

Brown Espresso.  Let us show you perfection.